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Avoid costly mistakes. Build a solid foundation. Rally your troops!

Are you really serious about hosting an event? You want to make it happen, and you want to make it happen right?

One-on-one consulting with "Papabear" Mike Hurley is the best way to get your questions answered and find out all that goes into producing a successful festival.

By working with Mike directly, he can apply his experiences to your particular situation. His knowledge will help you avoid pitfalls, maximize your resources, and determine the best courses of action at all stages in the process.

Call Mike today to set up your appointment!

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Tip: How do you pick an animal?

Picking the correct object is up to you and your group and the nature of your city or town. There have been cows, horses, pigs, fish, moose, lizards, Mr. Potato Head, the American Gothic couple, dogs, cats, bears, dinosaurs, and more. My advice is to pick something meaningful and to which children respond. Choices are virtually unlimited.

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