Event Organization Aids

Educational Video

"Last year, I addressed a large group of Delaware arts, government, and business representatives who had gathered to consider doing "Downtown Dino Days" in Wilmington. I spoke for an hour and a quarter explaining everything about the Bearfest."

This tape will help sell and explain the concept of street art festivals. Among the things covered in the video are:

  • What made us think of this?
  • How did these festivals start?
  • What was the public reaction?
  • How did you pay for it?
  • Will people come?
  • Will it work in our town?
  • What kind of animal should we choose?
  • Where do we get animals?

The video also includes a short, entertaining film on the Belfast Bearfest and TV news coverage of the event.

Indispensable information for $20

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Binder of Useful Information

This is not a "how to" manual. It is a compilation of forms, articles, photos, and other useful information collected over two years of running street animal art events and advising many others. By careful reading you'll learn everything you need to know to get started.

Included are…..

  • Call for artists forms
  • Fund raising letters
  • Artist submission forms
  • Auction notices and articles
  • Budgets
  • Supplier information
  • Other city's experiences
  • Press releases and many of the hundreds of press accounts
  • Sales taxes generated
  • Awards
  • Photographs

And much, much more! All for the low price of $50

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