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You want a unique, attention-grabbing character for your business. Who can
create it?

Your city is interested in staging a fiberglass animal street art festival. Who can help you get started?

Your museum needs a
life-size dinosaur model. Where do you turn?

Your answer to all of these questions is "Fiberglass Farm." When you're in the market for unique fiberglass creations or animals, whether ready-made from our hundreds of molds or absolutely anything custom-made, Fiberglass Farm is your 1-stop source for fiberglass animals (or whatever you're after), products, and advice.

We have worked with dozens of communities, from state capitols to sleepy villages, on artfully decorated fiberglass animal festivals. We also started and ran the wildly successful "Bearfest" in Belfast, Maine. We know what it takes to turn ideas into reality - from concept to completion no matter what size the town you call home. Why start from scratch when you can let our countless hours of experience work for you?

But we don’t just do animals and events.

We can turn just about any idea into reality! We've created fiberglass creations to be used as signs, personal gifts, and business and home decorations. The huge and the small, from dinosaur to aardvark, have come out of our shop: We made a giant grizzly bear for a U.S. Air Force base; a cow with a cherry on her back for a ice cream parlor; a giant golf ball on a tee; deer head and antler displays for Banana Republic stores; a cow for radio personality Mancow’s Red Bull event, a life size Woolly Mammoth for an Orlando attraction. An artist drew fanciful rabbits and we brought them to life. We can make anything you need. Just ask!

Street Art Festival Planning
Fiberglass animal street art festivals offer a wonderful way to fire up your economy, foster civic pride, expand artistic awareness and appreciation to all members of the community, and raise funds for charitable causes with a fun and free event that works!

But these events don't just happen on their own - they take a lot of hard work and careful organization. Until now, if your community or organization wanted to host a fiberglass animal street art festival, you pretty much had to discover how to do it on your own. But no more! We offer both a video and "binder of useful information" that will help get you started and save you tons of time (and most likely, money) in organizing your event.

Helena-Montana, Ocean City-Maryland, Staten Island-NYC, Grants Pass-Oregon, Boulder-Colorado, Tiffin-Ohio, and Asbury Park-New Jersey are just a few of the communities that Fiberglass Farm has advised. When business, town, and city officials decided to host a festival, they turned to Fiberglass Farm to help get them started and help the planning run smoothly. Our expertise proved invaluable in the success of their events. Call Mike, Rachel, or Jill today at 800-545-8956 to arrange 1-on-1 consulting with you and your group.

Animals, Objects, or Products
Looking for something unique? Something different? It does not have to be a fiberglass animal. We have made masks, frames, boxes, hats, cactus, clocks, cars, TVs, eggs, tea cups, hot dogs, ice cream cones, footballs, leaves, trees and anything you can imagine! Do you need a whole lot of them, or just one? Fiberglass Farm can deliver what you want, at reasonable prices. If you're looking for "raw fiberglass animals or objects" - the unpainted, fiberglass creations which serve as your artists' "canvas" - we can handle all of the arrangements, from concept to delivery. If a finished product is what you're after, we can do that too - exactly as you want it! Fiberglass animals to people to anything: we can do that!

Bobbleheads for Your Sports Stadiums

Large Bobble

Large Bobble HeadsCustom sculpture home for authentic  big bobblehead statues built  huge and tough for stadiums, retailers, amusements and attractions.

Giant Bobble

Giant Bobble HeadsWe build the big custom bobblehead statues for baseball and football stadiums, retail, amusements, attractions, and theme parks.

Huge Bobble

Huge Bobble HeadsWhere we hand sculpt custom giant bobblehead statues for major league baseball and football stadiums, retail, amusements and attractions.

In the News:

Many of Fiberglass Farms' creations can be seen in a new book "American Art Parades." Click the image below for more information.

Our T-Rex model stars in a movie! Check out the movie trailer by CLICKING HERE!

Note: An astute reader pointed out that this "mastodon" is
actually a woolly mammoth!

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Fax: 207-338-2951
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